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Below is a saging ritual I use to clear my home and healing room of any lower frequencies and then invite Divine energies into the space.

First open all doors and windows. Put the sage in a large metal bowl. Light it, let it burn for about 10 seconds, then gently blow out the flame. The sage will then smoulder and smoke. While it is smoking, walk into each room, really smoking it out. Just note as you walk around that little pieces of ash may fly out of the bowl if you move the bowl too quickly, so waft it around slowly and gently.

When you have plenty of smoke in a room, command any negative energies to leave the room by saying:

'I command anything of a lower vibration to leave this sacred space and my (our) energy field(s).'

Then ask Divine golden white light to fill yourself and your home by saying:

'I am invoking and anchoring Divine golden white light into this room and my (our) energy field(s).'

Continue this process in each room / space of the house until you have completed all of them.

Leave doors and windows open until most of the smoke has cleared. Your home should now feel lighter and brighter!

Here's an article about how to use sage and why it works.

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