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For the last three weeks, I have been feeling the effects of another intense light upgrade both personally and within Reiki sessions. This one is the biggest I've felt since September - December 2020 and it's a doozy!!!! Light upgrades open our Universal heart chakra even more so that we can connect lovingly with one another on a deeper level, but they also require deep clearing of shadow behaviours and suppressed raw emotions that have been buried for years so that we can integrate these higher Divine energies. This can result in big reactions to small things, irritability, unusual behaviour, physical illness symptoms, aches and pains, the list goes on - until we have released those emotions. The guidance coming through is that this upgrade will continue until the end of May.

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, lost at sea or just feel you need a bit of help, come and have a Reiki session. I have been working on integrating this light upgrades within sessions and also reducing the impact of the clearings. It doesn't mean we can avoid feeling what we need to feel, but it gives you the love and support you need to be able to do this is a safe, loving environment and the Reiki energies do make it easier and accelerate the integration. Reiki has helped me so much to connect with deep grief that I haven't been able to clear until now and I feel so much better for having let it out while in the loving arms of the Divine Reiki energies. You're never alone in this journey, the Guides are always here to help.

Also choose not to take anything personally. When these light upgrades are being integrated into our energy fields, they create deep feelings of vulnerability and people behave in unusual ways when feeling so exposed, so be patient with one another, this is just the clearing, and once the light upgrade is complete, we'll all feel love on a deeper level, which is just what this planet needs right now. So when your loved one has a big reaction and you're feeling hurt, sad or wondering why, remember it's the light upgrade and they're just letting out old feelings that feel like they're about what's happening today, but they're not, they're from something that happened in the past. Exactly the same thing is happening to you and they're probably thinking the same thing! So it's not personal, it's just a deep clearing. See the vulnerability rather than the behaviour. It's happening for our greater good!

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